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Power Resume Submission step 1 of 3

Employers receive hundreds of resumes and cover letters a week, and each time you send your resume to an employer it will be carefully measured against those of other applicants. So you have to deliver a product that will attract the employers to you within 10-15 seconds.

Your resume will represent you in your absence, and it will be the initial contact you have with that prospective employer. It is the only thing that will represent you, your skills and what you have to it will need to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

If your resume is not better than the majority of other candidates, you may find yourself unemployed, under employed or landed in an unsatisfying and unfulfilling job even though you are highly qualified.


You have a good resume with you. Let’s see if you need some professional advice for your resume.
Hold your resume up in front of you at arms length. Don't look at the words. Look at the shapes of the paragraphs on the paper.
  Ask yourself some questions about what you see:
  Are the margins equal?
  Is the spacing between paragraphs consistent?
  Is the text straight on the page? ( Did you take care while loading the paper on the printer?)
  Is the page mostly words? Mostly white space? A pleasing blend?
Use the spell checker. In the minds of many employers, there is no excuse for misspellings. Spell checkers are ubiquitous. Failing to use one, sends the message that you are sloppy and that you couldn't be bothered to take a few seconds to take of this important part of your resume.
Check for "trouble words." Trouble words occur when the spelling is correct but the context is wrong. For example, "your" is a trouble word. All too often, your is used when you're is intended. If you notice that you have special trouble words, keep a list of them and check for them.
Stick to a single tense within a paragraph. Don't spill anything on a resume that you intend to send to a potential employer. If you do, make and send another clean copy. Throw the spilled-on copy away immediately so that you don't accidently send it by mistake.
  Now examine the resume at close range:
  Check the end of each sentence for a period.
  Check the end of bulleted items for consistent punctuation.
  Check the beginnings of bulleted items for consistent capitalization.
  Check margins and tabs for consistency. Make sure the text is easy to read. Don't use a tiny font to try to fit more content on the page. 10 point is as small as it should be.
  Don't use a fancy font. Fancy fonts are fine for a brochure, but not your resume.
  Don't use quotes. Use italics instead. It takes less space and is subtle reminder of your attention to detail.

How to get noticed?

To get noticed, your resume should follow some simple common sense principles."Be honest","Be accurate","Be concise","Be neat" and a lot more.

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