MYTH : Most job seekers think they can get the job just because they're good at what they do.
FACT : Wrong! The candidate who knows how to act during an interview and answer questions
  well will get the job! 
  A job interview is an intimidating process, and even the most self-confident,
outgoing, and friendly person can easily give the impression of being
tongue-tied and incompetent. The best solution to this common problem is
to come to the interview prepared, knowing exactly what to expect.
  Companies are looking for people to solve their problems? They will hire you, if they
    truly believe in your ability to help them.
  If your answers are too brief, you may leave your interviewer unsatisfied and irritated?
  Talking too much during an interview will make your interviewer want to get rid of you
    as soon as possible, even if you ARE the best candidate for the job?
  Saying what an interviewer wants to hear, rather than giving a truthful answer, may
    end up in a stressful and unsatisfying job for you?
  Almost every salary offer is negotiable if the interviewers feel they've got their ideal