DSP Engineers in Great Demand!
Leading companies like TATA ELXSI, L&T, WIPRO, SIEMENS, HONEYWELL, Philips Software, NEST SYSTEMS, and many other Indian Companies and MNC's are in need of Trained DSP Engineers.

 » About Quest
Quest Innovative Solutions (P) Ltd is a Cochin based Technology Company, involved in a wide range of activities from Embedded and DSP based development and training. We have developed and successfully marketed products like UPS Monitoring Systems, Network Monitoring Systems, and Voice recognition based application software and PIC based prototyping boards. The training division at Quest, rated as one of the best in the Embedded Systems and DSP Domain by the industry, has been invovlved in Corporate and student training programs for the last few years. Our training programs have been hugely sucessfull in moulding raw graduates into highly skilled Embedded systems and DSP engineers. More than 250 of our trainees who have found employment in various Embedded Systems and DSP based companies stand testimonial to the quality and effectiveness of our training programs.
 » Why Embedded Systems?
The future world will be driven by embedded systems, a combination of computer hardware and software, fixed or programmable. The global embedded and telecom market is worth one trillion dollars and will continue to grow. Industry analysts estimate that over 54 % of future software development will be in the embedded technology domain which is finding its way into traditionally non-computing devices such as PDAs, cell phones, consumer electronics etc. The world market for embedded software is pegged at US $ 21 billion (2006) and is expected to grow at 16% in the next 3 years.
 » Demand much greater than supply!! (Around 7000 openings by 2008)
Enablers of smart devices, which make our lives so much easier, professionals trained in embedded systems and DSP technologies happen to be a rare commodity in the recruitment marketplace. The demand for embedded & DSP engineers will continue to grow due to vast scope in telecom, consumer electronics, aerospace etc. The international market will require as many as 150,000 trained professionals in embedded systems development by 2007. Majority of global players in the embedded and DSP domains are looking to India as a major destination. In the offing, is the creation of more than 7000 jobs in India, by 2008. It is a sector promising a fast track career, which is only for those with specialized training in the latest tools and technologies.
Career Sectors for Embedded Systems and DSP Engineers
–› Telecom/ Mobile communications
–› Industrial engineering
–› Computers/ Peripherals
–› Consumer electronics
–› Aerospace
–› Military
–› Automotive/ Transportation
–› Medical equipment
–› Electronic equipment
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