Resume Preparation

Here are few Important Resume Tips

Telented candidates keep their knowledge updated regarding the latest trends in resume writing. Every employer needs to hire proactive and impulsive candidates. A conventional and old fashioned resume reflects a dull personality, while a resume in line with modern trends reflects a dynamic personality.

The job marketplace evolves constantly, therefore, the ideal resume transforms into something significantly different every couple of years. A decade back resumes were really long and unstructured. Today resumes have literally become single paged, formatted and branded advertisements of candidates.

The following is some useful information that will help you in keeping up-to-date with the job market’s rapidly changing demands as you enter the job market !

Format and Layout The future belongs to resumes with catchy layouts. Customize your resume format to optimize your qualifications and experience. Do not use generic resume templates at any cost.

Top to Bottom Rule The classic top to bottom rule still stands valid in the resume writing market today and will continue to do so. The most relevant and best points must be stated at the top of each section since these serve to hook the reader.

Purpose Always understand the purpose of you resume before beginning to write it – the purpose is to land an interview and if you keep this in mind, you have a good chance of ensuring that you write a good one

Bullet or Heading Usage of bullets is very common. To set your resume apart in the competitive market of 2015, consider adding a brief bold or italic heading to each bullet in the experience section.

Add Some Color Conventionally, resumes are black and white and continue to be so till date. However, highlighting some key sections or core competencies by using some colored font can also help in setting your resume apart.

Computer Friendly The coming era is a digital one and printed resumes are about to go obsolete. Learn some tips to make your resume computer friendly, i.e. translate it into PDF to ensure it reaches the employer exactly in the manner you formatted it.

Vivid and Short Story Telling Approach The trend of stating accomplishments objectively is rapidly vanishing. This style is too common to stand out. Employers now prefer to read accomplishments written like very brief stories. For example ‘Enhanced revenues by 30% through effective business relationships building’ must now be replaced by something like: ‘Implemented effective business relation building approaches effectively and revitalized the company’s clientele which resulted 30% enhancement in revenue’.

Relevance Matters Since time is becoming an unaffordable commodity with every passing day, importance of relevance in resumes is enhancing. The moment the prospective employer comes across any irrelevant detail in your profile, s/he is sure to lose interest and will definitely discard the resume straight away. Make sure you provide all the relevant information; information that shows your job relevant skills and expertise.

My last word The structure above provides the potential employer with the information that he or she wants - in the correct order - to help them make the decision to interview or not.
No one gets a job based on the resume alone. The purpose of the resume is to get the interview, no more, no less. Send further questions about resumes to me via the Ask Kate link.